Version 2017.07.06

06 Jul 2017

Version 2017.07.06 is out, fixing an issue introduced by Joomla 3.7.3.

Update required for everyone updating to the latest Joomla release. If you have an older release and your support plan expired, keep an older Joomla version, or purchase a support and updates plan.

  • Fixed a 404 issue introduced by a change in the Joomla 3.7.3 APIs
  • Fix resetting lightbox settings to 1 when 0
  • Fix with discount code not valid
  • Allow select in checkout, and also last open option
  • Add freebie discount option
  • Fix issue with additional fields
  • Move province / state before country, as logical
  • Add more information to Stripe checkout
  • Fix Stripe order with updated library
  • Allow disable remember me

Version 2017.02.10