Joomla 3.6.2 has been released

05 Aug 2016

Following the Joomla 3.6.0 release back in July 12, today Joomla issued a 3.6.1 and subsequent 3.6.2 release. It's mandatory to update, because it contains a couple security fixes. 3.6.2 was just one day after 3.6.1 to fix a couple issues introduced in 3.6.1.

What happens after a release that contains security fixes is that those vulnerabilities, that previously were unknown in the wild or at least kept secret, are now available to anyone to look at, and people can (and will!) try to hack any random site that they find on their way.

Those vulnerabilities do not look like urgent emergencies, but you know it's always good to be up to date, especially with open source software, which includes other CMS as well.

So, make sure you update as soon as possible.

3.6.1 also fixed a couple other issues:

  • Fixes a bug resulting from a backwards compatibility break in PHP 7.0.9
  • Fix for language redirects being cached in the browser
  • Fix upgrades from Joomla! 2.5.28
  • Fix SQLAzure database driver
  • And also this little update
  • TinyMCE upgrade to 4.4.0.

We tested JooCommerce carefully on this new release, and things seem to work as usual.

If you're still new to Joomla 3.6, and you run an older version, make sure you update as well, there's a lot to benefit from, including:

  • Joomla! Update has been improved and now allows you to reinstall Joomla’s core files at the click of a button, overwriting any modified file(s) and reverting them back to the default.
  • Joomla! 3.6 contains a lot of UX improvements. Now you can find your modules faster, have tasks done by dropdown, improved user management and so much more...
  • With the new Sub Form Field function in Joomla! 3.6, we added some extra additional functionality next to Repeatable fields. Now you can nest XML forms inside each other or reuse your existing forms inside your current form.
  • Create categories on the fly: It can get frustrating when you create a new item, and you realise that you haven’t created a category yet. Joomla! 3.6 now lets you create a category on the fly for articles, contacts, newsfeeds and banners.
  • Menu type ACL: ACL in the backend did not exist at the menu level, now we have improved that. Give or block certain user groups access to a specific menu, and therefore also all menu items of that menu.
  • See what's in your menus with All Menu Items: The new option to show all items from all menus gives you a quick overview of what is displayed where on your website. It has never been easier to spot duplicated links, missing menu items or just get an overview of every menu on your site.

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