Version 2016.06.07

07 Jun 2016

In this version I nicely improved the mobile view for the shopping cart.

Previously, you had to tweak the CSS of the template a bit to make sure the cart fit the page size on iPhone and Android devices, now it’s automatic.

Here’s a brief summary of the last month updates:

  • Increased the number of available checkout custom fields, mandatory or optional, from 2 to 5
  • Now uses PayPal’s IPN new URL
  • Fixed a couple of currency symbol position issues in the admin and in the orders list
  • Fixed the product variation price in the order confirmation screen, when the order price was different than the normal product price
  • Fixed a PHP 7 deprecation warning
  • Fixed an issue with Stripe payment on Mobile
  • Use the correct offline payment method name in the email
  • Added a fix for mobile in the cart module

Make sure you don’t miss those updates, as they are fixing quite a bit of things and improve the shop, especially on mobile devices.

Also, they improve the compatibility with the PayPal SSL changes rolling out this summer.

PHP 5.5 reached end of life Version 2016.05.29