A modern, beautiful, powerful e-commerce extension for Joomla!®

Supports the best payment processors:

Tired of bad looking shops? Here's a screenshot for you:

Mobile ready, responsive layout, modern backend, multiple currencies, simple to use yet powerful, with product variations, PayPal, Stripe and offline payments, support for physical products, virtual products, digital downloads, stock levels and a lot more!

The features you might expect!

We've covered all the most popular needs,
and we went the extra mile.

Modern, attractive, easy UI

JooCommerce has a clean, modern, awesome User Interface that is a pleasure to use. It's a pleasure for you to manage your products in a way that makes sense from start to finish, and it's a pleasure for your customers to shop through your goods on sale.


Manage countries and taxes

A super simple and intuitive yet powerful interface lets you choose which countries people can buy from, deny buying from some countries, and for each country specify a tax percentage. For the US, you can drill down specific taxes to a state level.

Product variations

Easily add and remove product variations, so you can for example add color, sizes, any variation/option you need. Very clear interface to add, very clear for the clients to choose. Also, you can set a different price for every variation combination. Easily.


No additional plugins

We don't try to upsell you plugins that have important functionality but they are outside of the core. There's a single package, for your ease of use, and everything that should be there, it's in the package. And, we continue to improve it over time so your shop can get better and better.

Based on Bootstrap

Joomla! uses Bootstrap because of its simplicity and popularity. We use it in backend and frontend, on J3.0 and J2.5, so you can easily customize it. It will perfectly fit Bootstrap-based templates, also work fine on the non-Bootstrap based ones.


Manage shipping in details

A compact and intuitive interface lets you add shipping options based on price, or weight. Also, you can mix digital and physical products, and if the order is 100% digital no shipping rate will be charged. And, you can have different shipping options for different countries.


English, German, Italian, French, Danish, Spanish, Norwegian and Russian are already included in the package. We minimized the strings, and left multilanguage only on the frontend, so translating 50 strings is all you need to have the shop in your language.


Fully GPL Open Source Licence

This is really important. GPL (v3) ensures you have a lot of rights over what you can do with the extension, all the rights that Joomla! also gives you. You can edit what you want, and we don't pose you limits on the number of sites you can install JooCommerce on.

A support that cares. A lot.

Your success as a shop is our success as a software vendor, so we take care our clients relationship in making sure everything will run smoothly on your site. We've got you covered with private tickets, and we like to be quite fast in replying.


..and much more!

  • Everything is in english, everywhere. Of course unless you choose to use a translation

  • Built natively for Joomla, not a migration of another software to Joomla

  • Documentation for users and designers

  • SEO: customizable page URLs, canonical URL structure, meta tags for products

  • Works with Joomla! 3.x (up to the latest release) and 2.5

Simply Wow!

Not having too much experience with implementing eCommerce / Shopping Carts on web sites but have tried a few before hand, I found Joocommerce extremely easy to install, configure and add products on my Joomla 3 based sites. How the products show on the web sites was exactly how I wanted them to display and the integration with the shopping cart and Paypal / Offline payment options brilliant The documentation files is one of the best I have seen and easy to understand and implement Well Done!

skise, 16 march 2014

Just what I've been looking for

I've used multiple shopping cart platforms since my start with Joomla 1.x and this blows them all away. The user interface is perfect and the order flow couldn't be more simple! Great product with unmatched support, don't pass this one up.

jentra, 12 march 2014

Very elegant and simple shopping cart

This cart is fantastic for stores that do not have complicated needs, and will suit 99% of stores needs. Because of its simplicity it is very easy to use and setup, and one of the best front-end user experiences out there. If you do need any help, the support provided in some of the best I've seen in Joomla extensions. In addition, the subscription fees are so reasonable, you can easily try this out and see if it suits your needs with nothing to lose.

thirdsun, 10 march 2014

Great and easy e-commerce solution

Very simple to use. The component is brilliant. The support is fast and great. Thank you to develop this wonderful component. Great job Flavio!

Mantle Creations, 6 march 2014

Best support ever! Great Cart Extension

A very simple to use extension, with one of the cleanest checkout process on the market. + The best support ever, this guys even chat with you inside the admin of the extension with this cool "intercom" tool. New version and upgrades all the time, one on one support... just great... Congratulations!

albertomis, 12 feb 2014

You can believe these reviews

I've worked with 2 other Shopping Carts over 2013 and find JooCommerce preferable for simplicity and clean design. But the support has been truly exceptional. I'm currently working with a non-profit community organization so our needs have been a little out of the ordinary. JooCommerce has been very accommodating, diligent and timely and definitely a cut above. You're not a "number" with these folks and what a pleasure to agree with these reviews. Please keep up the good work!

gander85, 13 jan 2014

Brilliant Component - Thank You :-)

Superb Support & Component. It is a shame there is not a level or rating above that of Excellent! I have tried several e-commerce components and none compare to this superb one. What is even better is the level of support available, which in my personal opinion as a business owner is virtually the best on the market, that coupled with an outstanding and easy to use system makes it just brilliant. Every Joomla use should have this as one of their core joomla build add-ons. I have used it on my own website and customers love it. Thank you ever so much for making a brilliantly working e-commerce component. Big thanks to all who developed this and keep up the good work

SANTINO, 28 dec 2013

What we've been waiting for!

Like many of you, I've tried so many ecommerce plugins, modules and components only to find that no single component would do all the things I wanted. Then I found Joocommerce! The demo looked good and after a look at the demo backend I decided to pay the money and download. There was a minor glitch with verifying my subscription but the developer contacted me within a few hours and I was on my way. The component is simple and elegantly designed and very easy to use but is very powerful. It is very easy to adapt with CSS and all files are structured logically and contain comments to help navigate through the PHP. You don't need to be a developer to use this plugin, I just needed a certain look for a client. The developer, Flavio, is incredibly helpful and I see this extension quickly becoming a market leader!

alexh, 26 nov 2013

Great Shopping Cart

For months I have been looking for a simple shopping cart system I could package with my websites. I looked at dozens and they were all so heavy and complicated with difficult check our routines, I was getting to the point of giving up. Then surfing the extensions here, I happened upon the JooCommerce Shopping Cart. I purchased the package, downloaded it and installed it on my test site. Installation was easy as there are only 2 items to install. The Component and the shopping cart module. And you don't really don't have to install the shopping cart Mod as the Component is supplied with a cart. It worked great, easy store set up, currency, Taxes, shipping. The UI looks great and it will work great on SmartPhones and other tablets. The only thing I can see that it needs is a percentage options available on in the shipping. Other other than that it's just a great program. If you are looking for a simple effective, easy to use shopping system, I heartily recommend this program. Plus their support is excellence. You will not be disappointed.

chast, 8 oct 2013

Excellent extension and excellent help service

I have got buy this plugin, it works very good and im suprised about the service assistance, is fast and seriously! i'm surpised about this!

ticonpower, 3 sep 2013

Perfect Shopping Cart Extension

Took me time to find a good shopping cart for my site. Joocommerce came right in time, flawless design, fast simple and reliable - no bloated plugins. Support is great. I'm giving it 5 stars. Try it and see if it works for you.

newusr2009, 31 aug 2013

Wonderful support!

I had some problems and needed help, so I contacted their support. Wow, the best support ever! Thank you!! Now everything works just fine and I must say it's a great component!

dannvik, 9 aug 2013

Really Does The Job

The extension did exactly what it said. The install and setup was easy and using the extension in the backend was also pretty simple. There were one or two little glitches. The support after asking for help was fantastic. The reply was quick, courteous and solved my problem easily.

Rowan Walpole, 8 aug 2013

Best support ever

I had a little bit of minor problems to get Joocommerce work proberly with other modules and plugin's, but Joocommerce worked fine and i had no problems during install. The support quickly corrected design problems and helped work out the bugs with other problems. So if you need a shopping module with Paypal this it is.

Tino Frost, 5 aug 2013

Great Extension with best support ever!

Best shop-extension out there atm!- no dispensable parts like a mechandise management system or an overloaded backend interface: this extensions serves perfectly as what it wants to be: an onlineshop with all necessary features like complete free customizable article descriptions, cart system, shipping-costs and paypal-payment. The option to create own categories alllows creating your own shop design, and the perfectly designed, simple modules allow integrating the onlineshop even in tricky responsive themes! And best of all: i never saw a support like the guys of joocode.com serve for this product: response time: a few hours max, problems get fixed within 24h max! and your own ideas or customization requests are implemented by a week.. Thanks again to the great dev-team!!

iTS munich, 8 jul 2013